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Willys Jeep

Willys Jeep

Known as Willys Jeep the manufacturers symbol was Willys MB (and Ford GPW for the ones maufactured by the Ford Motor Company). The car was light construction based on American Bantam Car Company model known as Blitz Buggy. Bantam originally won the bid for War Department contract, but since they were unable to fit the requirements the contract was moved to Willys and Ford. The main elements were adapted from Blitz Buggy, but the final shape of the car was presented in 1941, when the car went into production. The characteristic flat and wide hood was adapted from Ford prototype, lights were moved inside the body of the car.

The word Jeep comes from Ford GP, which was manufacturer’s symbol that meant it is government contract (G) and passenger car (P), which with time transformed into Jeep.

Why is it legendary?

Te car was the American answer to German Volkswagen Kübelwagen - a light all-purpose car for the army. Low profile, simple and durable construction made it the workhorse of the army. It was used for transportation, evacuation of wounded, reconnaissance missions and even were dropped in gliders for the paratrooper units. They were easy to fix using only a basic tools, they were working well in the desert, the winter, the mud and dirt. The production stopped in 1945, but they were in use for a long, long time after World War 2.




1941 - 1945

Car type


Number manufactured

647 925

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