legendary cars Pontiac Aztek
Pontiac Aztek

Pontiac Aztek

Pontiac Aztek was planned as a new opening or Pontiac since their cars were considered dull and uninventive. As the main designer Tom Peters once stated "we wanted to do a bold, in-your-face vehicle that wasnít for everybody", which explains a lot. Under the body it was typical SUV - good car to drive kids to the school or go shopping. But the body itself was the main problem - not many people liked the styling of the car and the sales were very poor. Pontiac planned the sale on the level of about 75000 per year and they needed to sell at least 30000 per year just to break even. But the sales never even reached the 30000 per year level (their record was 27793) and when the sales dropped below 20000 per year the production ceased.

Pontiac hoped that Aztek would make a new start for the company that was struggling to stay on the market, but insted this model finally sunked the Pontiac brand.

Why is it legendary?

Pontiac Aztek is one of those cars when you just canít help asking "what were they thinking"? Just look at the photos and imagine that someone actually chose that look for that car! He took the drafts, looked at them and said to himself "yes, thatís exactly what we were looking for".

The body styling looks like someone put together completely random parts and he has done it in complete darkness. To make is worse it looks like some of the parts used werenít even car parts.




2001 - 2005

Car type

SUV (Sport Utility Vehicle)

Designed by

Tom Peters

Number manufactured

150 000

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