legendary cars Classic cars and legendary manufacturers
Classic cars and legendary manufacturers

Classic cars and legendary cars

There were many good cars in history, there were some great cars, some really fast cast or just beautiful cars, but not all of them became legendary cars. Here we present the cars that, sometimes for strange reasons, became the legendary cars that are still considered to be the best in their classes or just fondly remembered for their valors... or the flaws.

Ford Edsel classic cars

Ford Edsel

Advertised as car of the future and entirely new kind of car ceased to exist after just one year and became one of the biggest marketing flops in history. And not witout a reason. read more

Sinclair C5 classic cars

Sinclair C5

Sir Clive Sinclair was a 1980s wizard of home computers market, but when he tried to break into electric car market with Sinclair C5 it lead to a total disaster. read more

Volvo P1800 classic cars

Volvo P1800

Second attempt of Volvo company to produce a sports car produced a magnificent looking car with not so magnificent performances. Still it became the icon of the 1960s. read more

Volvo P1900 classic cars

Volvo P1900

The first sports car manufactured by Volvo was inspired by Chevrolet Corvette, but the experiment went horribly wrong - the production was halted with only 68 cars manufactured. read more

Willys Jeep classic cars

Willys Jeep

The workhorse of American army during World War 2, also used during Korean Army and even further. Durable, easy to fix and able to drive in the desert, snow and mud. read more

Opel Blitz classic cars

Opel Blitz

German truck that was one of the most recognizable cars used by Wehrmacht during World War 2. read more

Volkswagen Beetle classic cars

Volkswagen Beetle

First model from Volkswagen that gave that manufacturer 60 years of domination in the compact / city cars sector. read more

Ferrari 250 GTO classic cars

Ferrari 250 GTO

First supercar that was manufactured by Ferrari - very light and very fast became legend just years after first of them have left the factory. read more

Pontiac Aztek classic cars

Pontiac Aztek

One of the cars that might have been quite decent SUV, but the body styling killed all the interest in the car performance. read more

Dodge Challenger classic cars

Dodge Challenger

Strong competitor for Ford Mustang that missed the right time and just like Charger became just almost-best on the market. read more

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